Compound Butter

Compound butter is a butter made up of supplementary flavors. This butter can then be used much like a sauce melted over a steak or mashed potatoes. You may readily see it used accompanied with bread before the meal. Smoking this butter gives it a unique flavor profile that goes very well with more rustic foods such as game.

Maitre D’hôtel Butter

o 1Lb Unsalted Butter
o 1 Shallot Minced
o 1Tbl Garlic Powder
o 2Tbl Dill
o Salt & Pepper to Taste

Orange Basil Butter

o 1Lb Unsalted Butter
o 2Tbl Orange Zest
o 1Tbl Basil Chiffonade
o Salt & Pepper to Taste

Honey Mustard Beer Butter

o 1Lb Unsalted Butter
o 3Tbl Honey Dijon Mustard
o 3Tbl Beer
o Salt & Pepper to Taste

All of these butters are great as is, but if you really want to add a little something more to them try smoking them.

  1. Cut the butter down into 4oz sticks so it can absorb the smoky flavor if you are smoking it.
  2. Place a sheet pan over the smoker box to shield the butter from the heat of the chips.
  3. Place a 2” hotel pan filled with the ice over the sheet pan to keep the butter cool.
  4. Place the butter in a perforated pan over the ice.
  5. Smoke the butter for 30minutes and let sit in the smoker for 30 more after the smoke is complete.
  6. Place the smoked butter in a bowl and mix with shallot, dill, salt, and pepper.

I used a FWE Cook & Hold with smoker attachment to smoke mine.

Once smoked or if you decide to omit the smoke prepare the butter simply by following these few steps.

  1. In a bowl mix together the ingredients for any of the compound butters.
  2. Roll the compound butter in wax paper or plastic wrap to form logs. Cool the butter down so that it can be cut into rounds when needed.

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