Red Beans and Rice

It does not get any easier than this one!  Basically, add all the ingredients to a pan, stir, and wait.


1 Lb Red Beans (dry)
1 Lb Andouille Sausage
4 Celery Stocks
1 Sweet Onion
1 Green Bell Pepper
4 Garlic Cloves
3 Tbl Cajun Seasoning
Salt & Pepper To Taste

1 Lb Cooked Rice


  1. Dice Celery, Onion, and Green Pepper
  2. Slice Andouille Sausage on the bias
  3. Mince Garlic
  4. Rinse/clean the Beans (no need to soak them)
  5.  Place all of the ingredients minus the salt, pepper, and rice in the same pan and cover with water. Depending on taste add extra water for a thinner result
  6. Stir everything together and cover
  7. Cook at 235F for 8 hours
  8. Hold up to 8 more hours at 155 (using an FWE Cook & Hold)
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