Smoke Roasted Almonds

Supply your bar patrons with these incredibly addicting roasted almonds. It’s a wonderful way to quickly jazz up an item and give it your signature touch. The added benefit of happy thirsty customers is just a small side effect.


o 2Lbs Almonds Shelled
o 3/4c Rub
o 2oz Butter
o 1c Cherry Wood Chips


  1. Melt the butter just enough not as to have it separate
  2. In a bowl filled with the almonds, mix with half of the butter to give each one a nice coating
  3. Place the almonds in a single layer on a sheet pan (this way the smoke and heat will be even)
  4. Smoke for 1 hour and roast at 250°F for 35 minutes
  5. Remove from the oven


  1. Just like before mix with the remaining butter
  2. Once coated with the butter, mix the almonds with your favorite rub and serve warm

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