Foodservice Equipment – Bulk Food Holding

In cases where food needs to be served faster than it can be cooked by a kitchen, such asBulk Food Holding HLC when a school serves food on a lunch line, bulk food holding cabinets become a necessary piece of equipment to accomplish the job.  Holding cabinets such as an FWE UHS-12 are the workhorses of the warming world and can hold bulk food hot and ready to be served for hours.  Kitchens can cook large quantities of food well before it needs to be served to their customers, and place it in these FWE warming cabinets where it can stay service ready.  This allows the kitchens workload to be spread out during Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Centerpreparations for service, freeing up the cooks and chefs time to perform other vital tasks.  During service, these food warming cabinets are a place for storage of the food before it reaches the serving areas.  Storing food out of the way increases the ease of workflow and helps the service area stay organized and clean.Many quick service restaurants (QSR’s) utilize similar cabinets to hold bulk food before it reaches a prep area or serving line.  The cabinets on or near a serving line tend to be shorter in size and may even fit under or be built into a counter.  Food in this area is ready for plating, or ready to go on top of the serving line once current food supplies are used up.  As for the actual food that can be held?  Well, that is as varied as the restaurants themselves.  Everything from fresh warm sides such as rice, beans, and proteins that are going to fill a burrito bowl or the tortellini special that is ready for the catering pick up at 12:15pm during the lunch rush.

3 Chefs Smoked Chicken


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