FWE: Cook, Cool, and Conquer BBQ and More

Source: FWE: Cook, Cool, and Conquer BBQ and More

FWE cooking and refrigeration products enhance menu flexibility.

Innovation has driven Food Warming Equipment’s creativity for more than 60 years, and the company continues to develop better solutions for hotel F&B operations. Nate Sanford, FWE sales account manager and R&D chef, and Marketing Manager Martin Szalay recently shared why their new equipment offerings have gotten the attention of hotel foodservice operations.

LOW TEMPERATURE COOK AND HOLD OVENSThe LOW TEMPERATURE COOK AND HOLD OVENS WITH SMOKE FEATUREkeeps chefs on-trend. “Barbecue and smoking is hot right now,” Szalay notes. “Chefs want to add these flavor dimensions, but often have limited space and don’t have a smokehouse or a pit master.” FWE’s new-
generation cook and hold offers the option to add a smoker, Sanford explains. “It’s a ‘set it and forget it’ oven,” he says. “Just put the food in and come back the next day. Usually you don’t get the Maillard browning reaction from many competing low temp ovens, but our ovens produce that profound flavor profile. All of our cook and hold ovens provide the precise airflow that aids in creating that natural caramelization.” Hotels can add great new menu items to bars, restaurants and banquets with the FWE technology. But, ultimately, it’s all about the bottom line. “Achieving high yields is why people love these,” Sanford says, “because producing more portions equals more revenue.” See FWE’s line of smokers.

COUNTERTOP COOK AND HOLD OVENFWE developed its new COUNTERTOP COOK AND HOLD OVEN for a national quick-service chain that came to them with a problem similarly experienced by hotel operations. “They were cooking their product in typical convection ovens and losing around $1 million a year for every single percentage of loss on their meat,” says Sanford. The solution offered by FWE was a customized cook-and-hold system which has reduced the chain’s losses without compromising quality. “The yields are extremely high, which creates incredible money savings for a huge chain,” says Sanford. The oven’s creation is a testament to FWE’s ability to customize products for customers. “Down to the specific touch-screen control, we’re working with customers so they get exactly what they want.” View FWE’s line of extremely efficient low temperature cook and hold ovens.

CLYMATE IQ CABINETThe core idea of the best-selling CLYMATE IQ CABINET is precision temperature and humidity control, so critical for banquet holding demands. “We originally found a niche for it in a chicken franchise,” says Szalay, “Between their units, different breadings were used-cornmeal, flour, etc. You would think the same setting would work for all, but it does not. Every location has a different need. Ultimately, if you can hold your chicken a little longer, that makes a huge difference in the amount of waste.” Hotels share the same challenges and this cabinet is adaptable to myriad F&B venues. That is because FWE’s patented Intuitive Climate Control® Technology allows operators to precisely adjust, within a point or so, heat and humidity specifically for the characteristics of the food. “The product (cabinet) remains the same, but the customization is what changes,” Szalay notes. “We like to say our equipment is designed by customers for customers,” Sanford says. “Their input leads to a lot of our innovations.” See the Clymate IQ video demo.


The CUSTOM SLIDING SPACE-SAVER door-an optional add-on to FWE’s Airscreen refrigerator-offers an ergonomic solution to banquet and catering operations, commissaries, and all manner of cramped kitchens with tight, limited space. “We are the only manufacturer of this product,” Szalay says of the door, which was custom-created at the request of a client. “Instead of swinging out about 180 degrees, this door swings out to 90 degrees and slides into the side,” he says. Before commissioning the innovative design, the kitchen staff had to pull the refrigerator away from the wall in order to open the door all the way. This can be a particularly daunting task when the unit is loaded with hundred pounds of food and beverages. The company’s Airscreen refrigeration units are among FWE’s most popular lines: “When we debuted this in 2015, people went nuts,” Szalay says. See FWE’s mobile refrigeration solutions.


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